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DJS 3S0P is the new, retooled, digital company that evolved from 20 years of experience as DJS Marketing. We still believe in a high level of communication art, but have made the transition from traditional media into all forms of digital offerings. By focusing on the excitement of digital media, we reduce our carbon footprint and reach our global markets efficiently. "The world is flat, ready or not" and we are here to help our clients access the world with their products and services. We consider ourselves an activist marketing firm.

We have a commitment to pay-forward through our efforts and incorporate this philosophy in all of our client campaigns. Through social media, there is a level of authenticity that must be achieved with your audiences. They must truly "Like" you and develop an authentic relationship with you. Our position on "activist marketing" has enhanced our communications, as well as our clients branding efforts. This philosophy permeates everything we execute, whether it is creative branding, marketing, video production, design, public relations, media, new media explorations, or client services.

Our beliefs are derived, in part, by the fundamental principle, that creativity and innovation are the basis of our new social environment. We are able to communicate faster and more efficiently than ever before. So it is more important than ever before, that U.S. businesses promote themselves as being in harmony with the environment, and that they exist to benefit society. This creates harmony, synergy, personal connections, and positive results.