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DecoBike - Miami Beach - Miami
The DecoBike Campaign surrounded the issues of launching the first, citywide, bike-share program in the U.S. Other cities like Washington/Arlington, Boulder, Chicago, and more, have test or small scale, geographically limited programs. None were as comprehensive as DecoBike. Hence, the campaign was developed to reach and inspire several target audiences simultaneously.
The Green Transportation movement is relatively new in the U.S., so the awareness communication goals centered on "practical and pragmatic" pro-bike organizations and on the residential and tourist markets in the City of Miami Beach. Along with creating top-of-mind for potential consumers, DecoBike wanted to entice advertisers and other municipalities to address their revenue and expansion goals. DJS 3S0P wanted to make limited use of traditional print advertising and made a strategic push through socially interactive Facebook and Twitter pages and popular online video sharing news services.
The results produced over one million bike-share rides in their first year of operation, allowing DecoBike to expand into Long Island, Miami, San Diego, and other U.S. and international urban centers.