DJS Marketing Group Launches
DJS 3S0P - Three Screens Zero Paper

MIAMI, FL, March 25, 2013 -- DJS Marketing Group, a Miami and New York City-based advertising and branding agency, today announces the launch of its redesigned website,, and the retooling of DJS Marketing into a comprehensive, digital agency - DJS 3S0P, LLC. The new website design meets today's standards, is navigable on all platforms and mobile devices, provides enhanced functionality, and encourages site visitors to explore the services offered by the firm through informative content, client samples, social media news feeds, and more.

"Today, a large part of the agency search process is conducted online prior to, or even in lieu of, an official request for proposal," said Deborah Scarpa, President and Owner. She continued, "DJS 3S0P's internet presence is a critical component of our team's and our clients' brand strategy. This new site design will provide 24/7 access to a complete branding and marketing resource destination, which will serve to educate, and generate new business."

Although branding and advertising have historically required large budgets, existing and emerging digital communication, e.g., social media and mobile devices, make campaigns affordable for companies of all sizes. In today's digital world, "influence" is, perhaps, the most valuable asset a brand can obtain. DJS 3S0P's new activist marketing methodologies allow for authentic interaction, imperative within all new media.

In the coming months, additional enhancements will be introduced to the site that will connect current and potential customers to internal team members via unique applications and social media components.

The new design has also created a greater opportunity to display work done for
DJS 3S0P's client base. Visitors to the site will now be able to view work completed for its clients. DJS 3S0P is also a re-launching of the overall branding services of DJS Marketing. DJS 3S0P is taking the position, that most branding campaigns are now focused on digital media and communications.


DJS 3S0P is a global advertising and branding agency, based in Miami, Florida, with offices in New York City. The agency offers a full range of services including advertising, brand marketing, consumer package design, print design, digital marketing and Website design, and all forms of social and digital media strategies. DJS 3S0P is also an expert at activist marketing, a new approach to creating brands through authentic development of products and services that benefit society as a whole.

Since its inception in 1989, clients have included members of luxury consumer products, professional services, non-profit, real estate, and retail industries, among others. For more information, or to see samples of client work, please visit or contact us at, at 305.586.4022, or just "Contact Us" on the website.

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