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Twenty years have established DJS Marketing Group & DJS 3S0P as one of the most prestigious firms, internationally, and in the Northeastern and Southern U.S. Regions. This expertise has allowed the firm to grow from living room cold-calls, to a multimillion-dollar success story.
Deborah J. Scarpa, founder of DJS Advertising, has parlayed twenty-five years of advertising experience into a unique formula for delivering high-level branding campaigns, as well as a formidable blend of marketing and business techniques.
DJS understands the quantum changes that have occurred in all aspects of business, sales, and marketing, and how daunting that implementing, managing, and analyzing these new tools of communication can be for most clients. Our methodologies allow us to strategically develop, plan, and report the effects, rapidly and simply. We are "one world, ready or not", and have developed our service capabilities, internationally, through cloud computing.