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DJS 3S0P is the retooling of DJS Marketing Group into a pioneering, innovative leader in today's new advertising and marketing trends.
DJS 3S0P creates brand infiltration through TV, Internet, and Mobile Device Marketing.
As a full service advertising agency, we provide strategic thinking through a wide variety of services tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.
DJS specializes in integrating traditional marketing with content driven, web and mobile entertainment, and traditional and Smart TV.
DJS is all about "What's Now" and we have the experience to coordinate these strategies within complex organizations and multiple participants that can reach around the world. DJS brings a level of seasoned experience unequal to younger, less experienced startups.
Every DJS Campaign is designed to increase brand awareness, build excitement, drive attendance, deliver trial or direct purchases, and strengthen brand loyalty within the clutter and confusion of digital communication.
Today's technologies, transforming your branded content into the bigger story you must tell!