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Palladium Alliance International
Couture, Las Vegas - International Launch of Luxury Palladium 2008
At the luxurious poolside opening for Couture, the Jewelry Trade Show in Las Vegas, one word rippled through a gathering of fine jewelry's elite - "Palladium!" Elegant, oversized displays lining the stairways and pool deck of the Wynn Las Vegas, declared "Palladium is Now", "White, Light, Natural, Now", and "Do You Have the Metal?", the messages of the Palladium Jewelry Revolution. Conceived for Palladium Alliance International (PAI) by DJS, the first phase of branding for Palladium - a white, light, natural, precious metal, whose fans include the world's top designers - was unveiled. From JCK to Couture, Jewelry Trade Show Week was dominated by Palladium's much-anticipated demand, and introduction, to the market.
A striking teaser video for PAI's forthcoming 2008/2009 Global Consumer Campaign fired-up the trade show's energy before an intimate, two-hour, live performance in Las Vegas by Grammy Award winning artist, Seal. A crowd of more than 1,200 roared with applause for songs from Seal's latest album, System, and career staples, such as "Kiss from a Rose." In the VIP pavilion sponsored by PAI, exclusive guests, like Scott Kay, Paul Morelli, Barry Kronen, Michael Bondanza, and executives from Bailey Banks & Biddle and Tivol Jewelers, enjoyed a gourmet, organic banquet, and white lychee martinis from the best seats on the pool deck.