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Palladium Alliance International
International Launch of Palladium Video
The strategic marketing plan to launch Palladium in the jewelry sector took place at the most exclusive Jewelry Show in the world - Couture International. It was there that the most prominent names in watches and jewelry would get their first glimpse of the advantages of designing their collections in Palladium. All of the top industry executives and the press viewed this exciting presentation. The platform for the campaign centered on the core values of Palladium - White, Light, Natural, Now.
DJS opened the Couture Show with a concert by Seal, a music industry icon. This is the video that preceded the concert. DJS remixed and edited Seal's music video of his most popular song, Crazy, to inform, challenge, and excite the Couture attendees and, thereby, the industry, to integrate Palladium into watch and jewelry designs and collections.
The results were significant. Throughout the entire event, attendees were talking about Palladium and its importance to designers, distributors, and retail sales. As a direct result, substantial numbers of meetings were scheduled with top brands, including, Parmagiani, Roger Dubois, Chopard, Harry Winston, Goldberg, Roberto Coin, and many others, to design in Palladium. The awareness goals were met effectively within this targeted, niche market.