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DJS can and has developed multi-platform, multi-tiered, multi-participant marketing campaigns all over the world. This complexity is what enabled DJS to acquire clients like The World Gold Council, The Italian Trade Commission, and the Platinum and Palladium Organizations of Miners.
For example, with Cellini Jewelers in NYC, DJS was credited by The New York Times for its out-of-the-box media buying, by using telephone kiosks featuring multi-million dollar necklaces. This converted a mass-market medium into a viable method to reach the narrow, luxury market.
With Mayors Jewelers, the task was to take it from a regional to a national chain, by utilizing celebrities to compete against the ad campaigns of other luxury jewelry retailers. Millions of consumers saw Mayors for the first time.
Finally, Craig Drake Manufacturers needed a B2B campaign. DJS developed a cooperative program that provided each distributer/retailer with product, local advertising, direct marketing collateral, POP, and in-store promotions. Craig Drake made significant gains in distribution and recognition throughout the industry.
See the Complete DJS Portfolio to view examples of DJS's work in varied industries, worldwide.

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